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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I order?

Please click on the register button and the request button seen in the homepage.

2. What are your payment options?

*Paypal (Paypal Fees are subjected to 6% of the total amount), TransferWise, *Stripe (Stripe Fees are subjected to 6% of the total amount).

3. Is it possible to get a refund?

It is possible, in case of missed item listing, or unavailable items. However, the bidding service charge is non-refundable.

4. Is it possible to cancel the order?

Cancellation is not allowed once you have made the request.

5. What is your mode of delivery?

We ship via Japan Post, UPS, and DHL. As for Domestic Shipping in the Philippines (for consolidated shipment), we ship via LBC, GOGOExpress, Fifth Express (available for Metro Manila and Rizal only), and JnT Express.

6. What is the breakdown of your price?

Item Price (incl. domestic shipping + transaction fee (if applicable) ) + *Service fee + 6% payment fees of the total amount (PayPal fees, etc.)


Rainichi FAQS.png

7. How much is the estimated International Shipping Fee?

ISF will depend on the weight of the box, zone and the type of shipping service (i.e. direct: normal or express, *consolidated)


8. How much is the Packaging Fee?

Bubble Wrap

With fees


(See the chart below.)


9. What is your currency and exchange rate?

The currency in the invoices will be in YEN excl. the PH Clients.


Rate: 0.5 = 1 (1:2)

10. What is your working schedule?

Kindly refer to the picture below.

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